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Sash Store FAQs and Tips

Help! My event is 10 days away, and the company that I ordered my sashes from just told me that they can’t fulfill my order in time. Can you help me?

The answer is usually yes; however, it depends on the size and complexity of the order and the distance the sashes need to travel. For ASAP orders (event is less than 10 days away), please give us a call at: (619) 656-2323.

Rush processing fees will apply and that fee varies based on how soon you need your sashes to arrive.

I won a pageant and received an inferior sash from another sash company. My pageant director said that I could have the sash remade by the Sash Store but only if it matched exactly. Can you do that? 

Absolutely! Please send us a clear photo of your sash, and we’ll be happy to recreate the design on one of our quality sashes. It’s helpful if you can include the font used on the original sash and any other pertinent details. Occasionally winners send us the sash that they want duplicated, but it’s not required. 

What should I consider when choosing a font?

Font choice is probably the most important decision in creating a sash you love! Not all of the fonts on our website are appropriate for every sash. Sashes that will be worn on stage or in a parade will be easier to read if the font you choose is bolder and has fewer embellishments. For smaller gatherings (such as a birthday, bridal, or baby shower) either a bold font or a more delicate font can be used. The Emily Script does not work well on a large stage; it is better suited for smaller gatherings.

Next thing to consider is if you want your title in all caps. Script letters are very difficult to read in all caps. We do NOT recommend Iris, Edwardian, Ballantines, Brock, or Emily for titles in all caps. 

Finally, you want to consider if your title will have descending letters, letters that go below the base line (g, j, p, q, y), in the font you are considering. Some fonts, such as Iris, have descending capital letters (J, Z). Each font has a different set of descending letters. Please visit our Fonts pageto view our fonts. Descending letters limit the height of the title. Titles with no descending letters will appear larger and be easier to read from far away. The font Captain Howdy has no descending letters but is limited to all caps. 

What should I consider when choosing a color combination?

The first thing to consider when choosing a color combination is how the center color and the stitching color interact. We don’t recommend a light colored center with light colored stitching. For example, a light pink center with white stitching will be difficult to read. We also don’t recommend a dark colored center with dark colored stitching. For example, a black center with royal purple stitching will be difficult to read. 

The second thing to consider when choosing a color combination is where the audience will be in relation to the sash. A medium pink center with white stitching is lovely for an intimate gathering such as a baby shower. But for a pageant where the sash will be worn on stage, a hot pink center with white stitching or a white center with hot pink stitching would be more appropriate. In general you want to choose colors that have high contrast between the stitching color and the center satin color.

Finally, we do have a few thread colors that don’t go well together. A metallic gold crown is not recommended with old gold stitching or bright gold stitching. 

What is your most popular color combination?

Our most popular color combination is a white center with royal blue stitching and a red wraparound.

I want to put the year on my sash. Where does it go?

You have a few different options when it comes to placing the year on your sash. You can either have the year as part of your title (Miss Winner 2019 or 2019 Miss Winner) or add the year as additional text ather near the shoulder (before the title) or at an angle after the title. 

What is additional text on front? Where does it go?

Additional text on front of the sash is any text that is not part of the main title. Many people use additional text for the year, division, or name of the pageant. Additional text can be placed before the main title at the shoulder or after the main title. Additional text placed before the main title is usually perpendicular to the main title. After the title, additional text can either be placed perpendicular or at an angle, usually 45 degrees. Less frequently we embroider two lines of additional text in line with the main title. Please enter your additional text as you want it to appear including any line breaks. Then use the special instructions box to let us know where you want the additional text located. Another option is to email us a quick sketch of your desired layout. 

What is additional text on back? Where does it go?

Additional text on back is an option to add up to 12” of embroidery to the back of your sash. Customers frequently use this option to add a name to the back of a sash. When the sash is worn, this embroidery ends up in about the mid-back of the wearer. 

What crown should I pick for my sash?

All of our crowns look great! Our most popular option for women is the Fantasy Crown 2 followed by the Queen Crown. Our most popular option for men is the Edwardian Crown followed by the King Crown.

Can I add a logo to my sash?

Yes! Custom logos are a great way to make your sash stand out. If you don’t already have your logo digitized as an .EMB or .DST file, there is a one-time digitizing fee of $25. Logos are generally placed on the shoulder perpendicular to the title. This means that your logo must be less than 2.5” wide and even smaller on sashes with rhinestones. There are some design elements that look great on paper or on a computer screen but don’t translate well to embroidery. Tiny individual shapes such as dots or stars smaller than 0.25” are more difficult to embroider. An ombre effect or significant shading can be challenging as well. Small text in logos sometimes does not embroider well; it would be helpful if you tell us the name of any font used in your logo. If we have any concerns about how your logo will look when it’s embroidered, we will give you a call or send you an email. 

Do you have plus size sashes? 

Our standard sizes go up to 72”. Occasionally we have longer pieces of fabric on hand that can accommodate longer sashes. If you want a sash longer than 72”, please email us at sales@sashstore.comto check for availability and additional pricing.

What are some common grammar mistakes that I need to look out for? When do I hyphenate? Should I put a period after the honorific or abbreviation?

Here are a few things that customers occasionally ask about:

            Miss (no period) an unmarried woman or girl

            Mrs. (period) a married woman

            Ms. (period) a woman regardless of marital status

            Mx. (period) gender neutral honorific used for genderqueer or non-binary people

            Mr. (period, an abbreviation for Mister) a man

            Mister (no period) a man

            Runner-Up (hyphenate)

Will I get a mock-up of my sash layout?

In order to keep our prices low we only send out a mock-up of a sash layout if we have questions or concerns about your order that can’t be addressed over the phone or by email. 

Can I iron my sash?

Yes, since our sashes are made of heavy weight bridal satin you will need to set your iron on a heat level NO HIGHER THAN WOOL setting, but you may use steam. Avoid ironing areas near the Velcro dot fasteners, or the very ends of the sash. 

Can I wash my sash?

Although we do not recommend it, and cannot guarantee results of washing, we understand that cleaning may become necessary after certain events. Sashes may be hand washed using Woolite or a similar cleaner. Sashes should NOT be put in the dryer, but may be laid flat, rolled in a white towel, or hung to dry. 

Can I get my photo featured on your website?

There’s a link on our homepage to submit your professional high-resolution digital photograph. Or you can email it to us at We are especially interested in featuring your birthday, quinceañera, bachelorette, bridal shower, baby shower, Halloween, church group, corporate, or graduation sash or stole. 

Can I get my pageant featured on your website?

Yes! Please email your logo and homepage URL to

I’m the national director for a big pageant. Can you send me a free sample sash before I place my big order?

Unfortunately, because each sash we make is custom designed we don’t send out free samples. If you are concerned about the quality of our sashes, we recommend that you order one sash before you place your big order. We’ve found that directors who have done this become repeat customers for many years. 

Is there a beauty pageant season?

We stay consistently busy throughout the year making sashes for beauty pageants. However, there’s always a small uptick in rush orders right before Halloween as customers order a sash for their costumes.

Do you offer bulk discounts or lower prices to non-profits?

We never felt comfortable charging higher prices to some customers just because they placed a small order. As a result, we have decided to offer our same low prices (bulk rate/non-profit rate) to everyone. 

We constantly monitor the sash market and strive to offer the most competitive prices for similar quality sashes. You may find a lower priced sash from a competitor, but experience has proven time and time again, that the lower priced sashes on the market are always a lower quality product. 

One way to ensure you are getting the best prices available, be sure to place your sash order at least 30 days before you need your sashes to arrive, and avoid rush processing fees. 

Do you offer a “money back” quality guarantee?

While we don’t specifically offer a “money back guarantee” we do our best to make sure every customer is thrilled with the sashes they receive. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We consistently work to resolve any concern that may arise. 

Feel free to read our product reviews which customers have voluntarily submitted to see what they are saying about the quality of our product and our service. 

We may not always be the least expensive option for your sash making needs, but we promise to be the safest, most professional, and most reliable option that you consider.

I have additional questions?

We are here to help! Email us your question at and we will do our best to answer any question you may have that was not addressed here. We look forward to answering your questions and creating awesome sashes for you now, and for many years to come.